Is Capilene the Same as Polyester?

To address this query, it’s important to understand that Capilene fabrics are indeed made with polyester. However, what sets Capilene apart from regular polyester is it’s advanced technology and exceptional performance characteristics. Capilene fabrics not only keep you warm, even when wet, but they also dry quickly and efficiently manage moisture. Whether you find yourself embarking on a challenging hike under the scorching summer sun or conquering an alpine route, Capilene is there to ensure your comfort and ease. To top it off, Capilene takes pride in it’s sustainability efforts, with 35% of it’s polyester being recycled. Furthermore, one can’t overlook the convenience factor as all Capilene garments are machine washable, making them effortlessly manageable for your active lifestyle.

What Material Is Patagonia Capilene?

Capilene® is known for it’s exceptional moisture-wicking properties, which means it can effectively draw sweat away from the skin to keep the body dry and comfortable. This makes it an ideal choice for high-intensity activities or for individuals who tend to sweat a lot. Additionally, Capilene® dries quickly, allowing for rapid evaporation of moisture, which further enhances it’s performance capabilities.

One of the key advantages of Capilene® is it’s eco-friendly nature. As mentioned earlier, it’s made with a significant amount of recycled polyester content. This not only helps in reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills but also minimizes the extraction of virgin materials. Patagonia, the brand behind Capilene®, has a strong commitment to sustainability and strives to create products that are environmentally responsible.

Capilene® fabric is available in different weights, ranging from light to heavy, to cater to various temperature conditions and activity levels. The lighter weights, such as Capilene® 1 or 2, are perfect for warm weather or as a base layer in cooler conditions. They provide excellent breathability and moisture management.

On the other hand, Capilene® 4, the thickest and warmest option, is designed to provide insulation and retain body heat in cold weather. It’s highly effective at keeping the wearer warm, even in extremely low temperatures. This makes it an excellent choice for winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, or mountaineering.

It’s range of weights ensures that there’s a suitable option for various weather conditions and activity levels.

Comparing Capilene® to Other Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Capilene® is a widely recognized moisture-wicking fabric made by the outdoor apparel company Patagonia. While Capilene® is a type of polyester, not all polyester fabrics are the same as Capilene® in terms of moisture-wicking capabilities.

Capilene® fabrics are specifically designed to quickly draw moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate and keep you dry. Patagonia has developed different weights of Capilene® fabrics, offering various levels of breathability and insulation.

Other polyester fabrics may also have moisture-wicking properties, but they might not be as efficient as Capilene®. It’s important to check the specifications and performance ratings of each fabric to determine it’s moisture-wicking capabilities.

In summary, Capilene® stands out among polyester fabrics as a high-quality moisture-wicking material specifically designed for outdoor activities, while other polyester fabrics may vary in their moisture-wicking performance.


Additionally, the incorporation of recycled polyester showcases the brand's commitment towards sustainability.

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