Why Do They Call It a Long John?

In the realm of clothing, the whimsical origins behind the names of certain garments often remain shrouded in mystery. Curiously enough, the question of why those cozy, one-piece undergarments have come to be known as "long johns" has puzzled many throughout history. Delving into the annals of fashion, one uncovers an intriguing tale that leads back to the 19th Century and the realm of boxing. As the story goes, these snug one-piece outfits were actually inspired by the attire of a renowned boxer known as John L. Sullivan. Being a popular figure in his era, Sullivan became synonymous with his trademark boxing gear, which people affectionately referred to as "John Ls." Over time, this colloquialism transformed into the still-familiar moniker of "Long Johns," forever linking these comfortable garments with the sporting triumphs of a legendary pugilist.

How Did Long John Doughnuts Get Their Name?

The origin of the name “Long John” for doughnuts remains somewhat shrouded in mystery, as the exact details have been lost to the annals of history. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, there are a few theories that shed some light on the emergence of this delicious pastrys peculiar name. One plausible explanation is that the name derives from a man named John Blondell, who was granted the first patent for a doughnut cutter in 187This theory suggests that the Long John could have been named as an homage to Blondells role as a pioneering doughnut engineer.

Unfortunately, determining which John this might be is challenging due to the scarcity of documented evidence. As with many culinary inventions, the true origins and naming process are often obscured by time and anecdotal narratives passed down through generations.

It’s important to note that the signature elongated shape of the Long John has likely played a role in it’s distinct appellation. The use of a descriptive name can help customers easily identify and differentiate the Long John doughnut from other types, facilitating it’s recognition and popularity in culinary circles.

Now let’s explore the difference between a Bismarck and a Long John. While both are bar-shaped, yeast risen doughnuts, they’ve distinct features. The Long John can be coated entirely with glaze or top-coated with cake icing, and may also be filled with custard or creme. On the other hand, the Bismarck is iced in chocolate and filled with cream. Another variation is the jelly-filled version known as the Berliner, famously referenced by John F. Kennedy in a speech to the Germans.

What Is the Difference Between a Bismarck and a Long John?

Have you ever wondered why they call it a Long John? Many people confuse it with a Bismarck, another popular doughnut variety, but there are some key differences between the two. The Long John is a bar-shaped, yeast risen doughnut that can be coated entirely with glaze or top-coated with cake icing. It’s commonly found in the Midwestern U.S. and Canada, and it’s even made it’s way to Texas. The Long John can also be filled with custard or creme, which adds a deliciously creamy element to it’s already enticing texture.

It’s often mistaken for a Long John due to it’s similar shape, but the cream filling sets it apart. This decadent treat is a favorite among doughnut lovers and provides a delightful surprise with each bite. It’s worth noting that the Bismarck can also be filled with jelly, which is commonly referred to as a Berliner. This variation was famously mentioned by John F. Kennedy in a speech to the Germans of Berlin, adding a touch of humor to this already mouthwatering dessert.

Did you know that a Long John donut is also known by another name? This popular pastry, often found in donut shops and bakeries, goes by the name of a “bar donut.” So, if you’re ever in the mood for this delicious treat, keep in mind that you can ask for a Long John or a bar donut!

What Is Another Name for a Long John Donut?

When it comes to indulging in the sweet treat known as a donut, you may come across a variety of names to describe different types. One such variation is what’s commonly known as a “Long John.”. However, did you know that this delectable delight goes by another name as well? Often referred to as a “Bar Donut,” this longer-shaped confection can be found in bakeries and donut shops across the world.

So, why do they call it a Long John? The name itself is derived from the shape of the donut. Unlike the traditional circular shape, the Long John donut is elongated, resembling a bar or a rectangular log. It’s unique shape sets it apart from other types of donuts, making it easily recognizable on display.

Whether you prefer a sweet glaze, luscious icing, or a simple dusting of powdered sugar, the Long John (or Bar Donut) offers an irresistible combination of fluffy dough and mouthwatering toppings. Treat yourself to this delightful creation, no matter what name it goes by, and savor every bite.


As the boxer sported this attire while fighting in the ring, people began referring to them as "John Ls." Over time, this term evolved into "Long Johns," becoming the widely recognized name for these one-piece undergarments. It’s fascinating to see how a unique piece of clothing can have such a rich history and connection to a legendary figure in the world of boxing.

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